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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Physician training success at Monash one of the best in Australia

Dr Henry Ma with some of the successful trainees

Monash Health trainee physicians, the majority being Monash University MBBS graduates, have achieved a record pass rate in the recent Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) clinical examinations.

With 32 successful trainees out of 35, the remarkable 92% pass rate at Monash Health well exceeds the national pass rate of 74%.

“We had the largest cohort of trainees this year at 35,” said Associate Professor Darren Mansfield, Consortia Director of physician training South East Sector.

“Our success compared to the Victorian average pass rate of 81% makes Monash Health a very attractive place to do physician training.”

“Over the last few years, Monash Health has consistently achieved some of the best results in Australia in the RACP examinations, with average pass rates above 90%,” added Associate Professor Mansfield.

“Physician training at Monash Health has exceeded my expectations,” said successful trainee Dr Ai Li Yeo.

“The support and encouragement from everyone in the network has been unwavering and I have to make special mention to the BPT3 cohort as well as the Monash DPTs - Henry Ma, Darren Mansfield, Andy Lim and Chris Daley.”

“The long case preparation program and an intensive timetable with two long cases scheduled with consultants each week is unique to Monash Health,” added Dr Yeo.

“Furthermore, the mentor program meant that if anyone was struggling there was someone we could approach immediately.”

“The physician training programme at Monash Health is both comprehensive and intensive,” said Head of Division of Medicine, Professor Peter Ebeling.

“The high number of trainees places a large burden of 1000 long cases on Monash Health physicians who enthusiastically give their time.”

Monash Health physicians, led by Associate Professors Henry Ma and Darren Mansfield, are very experienced in the examination with about seven physicians serving on the RACP National Examiners Panel.

“Beyond Medical Grand Rounds, we run specialty short cases such as neurology, cardiology and rheumatology days to provide the best clinical exposure to our candidates,” said Associate Professor Henry Ma.

“In addition, we provide personalised presentation workshops, a mentorship program and career development programs.”

“I’m exceptionally privileged and grateful to have been able to complete the final year of my basic training at Monash Health,” said Dr Leigh Beveridge, another successful trainee.

Dr Beveridge was newer to Monash than many of the other trainees, having started his physician training elsewhere.

“Having an individual mentor, ready access to National Examiners, a vast array of short case tutorials and an exceptionally robust long case program—the whole network and program really are geared to ensuring each trainee, and the group as a whole, are well prepared for both the task of the exams and success in advanced training.”

“I’ve never seen a workplace where senior staff offer their time, advice and teaching without any reservation or any further thought of reward.”

“If you found a patient for a long case, there was someone at any hour of the day, night or weekend that would hear it!” added Dr Beveridge.

“Monash Health is now a national and state leader in physician training with the number of successful candidates here being greater than at the Royal Melbourne or Alfred Hospitals,” said Professor Ebeling.

“The values of Monash Health and the supportive teaching environment make it a great place to train - it is all about clinical excellence.”

“Having been around town, I can honestly say that physician training at Monash Health is where you not only get a world-class training experience, and the best opportunities to build lifelong success - you also get to supported to be the most successful version of yourself that you can be,” said Dr Beveridge.

“If you’re even leaning slightly towards a career as a physician, and you want a supported path towards the advanced training discipline of your choosing, this is the place to do it!”

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