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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Participants sought: reducing cardiovascular risk for men

Volunteers wanted - overweight males 18-50 years

We are conducting an intervention study to see how the type of foods eaten during the night can reduce cardiovascular risk in overweight men.

It will involve you consuming a meal during the night and then having your blood fats measured for 6 hours after the meal. This process will then be replicated on a separate night and day with a ‘healthy’ meal. You will also have your body composition, alertness, blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, and insulin measured.

You will be required to attend the newly opened Monash Be Active, Sleep and Eat (BASE) facility in Notting Hill on two separate days.

Information will be provided to you about all the measures listed above.

Payment of $100 per assessment session will be provided for data collected at the BASE facility and reimbursement will be provided for all travel and parking expenses. A $100 completion bonus will also be provided on the final day of the study.

For further information please contact

Elleni Kaias

Email: elleni.kaias@monash.edu

This study has been approved by Monash University’s Ethics Committee (CF15/337 - 2015000164.)

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