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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Health Hack 23 - 25 Oct 2015

What is it?: HealthHack is a weekend where a room full of incredible technology experts (including software developers, user experience designers, data analysts and visualisers) volunteer their time to help medical researchers.

What type of project might be suitable?

There have been a great variety of projects attempted in past years, including developing new research apps, online data analyzers or visualizers for medical data, through to an online interactive visualization of NHMRC funding results (which was the winner in 2014: https://peaceful-lake-8705.herokuapp.com).

Last year, a team from the School of Psychology at Monash won 2nd place, with their team developing working iPhone and android apps for monitoring problem gambling behavior (from scratch!). If you’re not sure what might be suitable from your research, but want to throw around some ideas, talk to the organizers: info@healthhack.com.au

How it works:

After pitching your idea, tech developers come and chat with you and start to form groups around different projects. You then work with your team across the weekend on your problem. Food, coffee, and alcohol are all provided for you and your team.

Any problem that you can think of that might benefit from a bit of technical input to make into a cool new tool for research, or to engage the public with your results — this is the event for it! It’s an excellent opportunity to engage with technical expertise to take an idea to a functioning little piece of reality, that could form the basis for future funding.

If you’d like to know how things work in more detail, check out the website (http://www.healthhack.com.au/melbourne.html) or get in touch directly with the Health Hack organizing team (info@healthhack.com.au).

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