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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Participants sought: what role does emotion play in empathy?

What role does emotion play in empathy?

We are conducting a study that aims to investigate the role of emotional and sensory experiences in how we respond emphatically to others. We will investigate these responses in healthy individuals who experience vicarious pain compared with healthy controls.

We are looking for healthy volunteers aged between 18-55 years old.

What is involved?

One testing session of approximately 2 hours total duration.

Conducted at Monash University, Clayton Campus.

You will be asked to complete a range of baseline questionnaires relating to empathy, altruism and mood. You will also be asked to rate a range of emotion inducing film clips and complete a moral dilemma task, whilst your physiological responses are recorded (i.e. heart rate, skin conductance, respiration).

In appreciation of your participation, you will be given $20 cash.

*Exclusion Criteria: Diagnosis of major depression, anxiety, or neurological/psychiatric disorders, current substance dependence (including illicit drugs and alcohol involving withdrawal symptoms). Additionally you are excluded if you currently suffer from heart disease, acute (e.g., common cold) or chronic (e.g., asthma) respiratory disorders, any medications (apart from contraceptive pill) or chronic pain.

*Participants must not consume alcohol within 24 hours prior to testing and must avoid caffeine and nicotine for at least four hours before testing.

For more information or to participate, contact: Kurtis Young
School of Psychological Sciences 
Human Ethics Approval No: CF15/645-2015000295 

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