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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Thesis opportunity for your students: Family Planning Victoria

Family Planning Victoria (FPV) is seeking a student to write the next chapter of work for a thesis entitled “Hope is not a method” A history of The Family Planning Assoc. of Victoria.

Previous student, Kathleen Mather, originally published her thesis and covered the periods 1969-1994. 

FPV are looking for interested students who would might like to cover FPV’s history for the next chapter 1995 – 2015.

After visiting external archiving areas with the view of transferring files to the government, FPV have found that their archives are rich with much information regarding social change, such as legislation, economics, medical and cultural during that 20 years. Once the information is transferred it is no longer easily accessible and the history is gone.

FPV is interested in working with someone who would be able to review and interpret medical records to get a view of the period of change, analyse annual reports, and any other relevant material for the time period.

If anyone is interested, please contact Brooke Vines.

Phone: 9257 0198 

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