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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

$500K MIME seed fund and MIME PhD scholarships now available

Phase I: Call to clinicians - nominate areas of clinical need/opportunity - return attached form by 29 June.

The Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (MIME) was established to foster stronger collaborations between clinical researchers in Monash partner hospitals and engineering and IT researchers. The aim is to develop new medical technologies that address significant unmet clinical needs.

Two funding sources are now available from MIME to support collaborative research projects involving a clinician researcher from MNHS and a researcher from Faculty of Engineering or IT:

(i) MIME seed fund - $10-50K for collaborative projects delivering an outcome in 12-18 months
(ii) MIME PhD scholarships - for jointly supervised projects (6 tagged for projects with SCS researchers at Monash Health, 2 for other clinical schools)

Researchers from other departments, Faculties and institutions may also be part of the collaborative teams.

Phase I is now open - the call to clinicians to nominate areas of significant unmet clinical need / opportunity. The attached application form must be returned by 29 June.
Selected clinical areas will be advertised on the MIME website on Monday 6 July.


In Phase 2, engineering, IT and other Monash researchers will be invited to respond to these areas of clinical need with a proposed technical solution. Closes 31 July. In Phase 3, MIME will assist with the optimisation of final joint proposals. Announcement of successful applicants on 28 August.

We would greatly appreciate your input in shaping the direction of MIME's future research activities. There are two upcoming MIME Affinity meetings that will serve as a forum for clinical researchers interested in securing MIME funding, to present their ideas on unmet clinical needs to an audience of MIME researchers from other disciplines - engineering, IT, design, science, biomed, etc, who are keen to engage on collaborative projects. 

The dates are:

Thursday 18 June 2015, 9-11am Monash Medical Centre, Block E, Level 5, Surgery Seminar Room.

Tuesday 23 June 2015, 10 - 12 am, Alfred health, 5th floor, Seminar room 1.

More information on the MIME seed funding is available at

Heather St John, Chief Operating Officer

Phone: 03 9902 9854

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