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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Nepal Earthquake reconstruction effort update: please contribute

BBC reporting on the reconstruction work of Abari, the NGO
for which Monash PhD student, Sewa Rijal, is raising funds.

Together, we have raised the total of the appeal to AUD $3,394 that will go a long way in helping the fighting endurance of people in Nepal post the earthquakes. This makes me realize the power that we have within each of us to make a difference by coming together in this time of great need. Thank you very much for your kindness and compassion!

Continue reading Sewa's story or donate here.

There have been over 200-300 tremors, since the major 7.9 quake on April 25th, which are ongoing as I type this, several of them being powerful enough to cause severe panic amongst the people. The 7.4 quake on May 12th was a massive aftershock that unfortunately resulted in more damage to life and property. As the monsoon season is approaching in July-August, we have to make sure that everybody, especially in remote areas, has a roof over their head to shelter themselves from the heavy rains during this time.

ABARI, a local NGO, has been working very hard to make quake-resilient homes, using local resources such as mud, bamboo and stones, at a very low cost in remote villages. Their work was recently featured in BBC news.


You can still contribute to their extraordinary effort of rebuilding Nepal by donating here.

To read more about the updates of my story in the last few weeks, please see earlier stories.
14 May Nepali student appeals for earthquake relief
The latest tragedy is that another 7.4 quake has struck the people of my country this Tuesday (12 May), just over two weeks post the 25th April quake. Continue reading my story or donate here. (Limited time left)

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