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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Apply: simulation patient safety research projects

The Department of Health and Human Services (the department) is seeking suitably qualified and experienced service providers to undertake research into the impact of simulation on patient safety.

To support the sustainability of the simulation sector in Victoria there is a need to build an evidence base to demonstrate the full value of simulation. There is now significant research to show that simulation-based health education promotes learner acquisition and maintenance of clinical knowledge, attitude and skills. There are comparatively few studies on the impact of simulation on patient outcomes and the collateral effects at a population level.
This project is intended to help shift the research focus from the role of simulation as an educational tool and towards its role in improving patient safety.

Service providers are invited to design and complete a research project that will investigate the link between simulation and patient outcomes in a health care setting; this setting might be an acute hospital or an expanded setting such as Community Health Centre or an Aged Care Service.

In providing the services, the successful service provider(s) will be required to collaborate with Victorian health service(s) and the department.

Please find attached the call for submissions document.

Submissions are due by 31 March 2015 to peopleinhealth@health.vic.gov.au

Responses to queries will be provided to all invited applicants.

Please direct queries to either of the following contacts:

Call for submissions

Emma Cadogan
Simulation Team, Clinical Training Programs
Phone: (03) 9096 7316
Email: Emma.Cadogan@health.vic.gov.au

Pania Whibley
Clinical Training Programs
Phone: (03) 9096 7327
Email: Pania.Whibley@health.vic.gov.au

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