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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

ARC Discovery Project applications in 2015 (DP16)

ARC Discovery Projects Workshop

Thursday 11 December 12:00-1:00pm,

Lecture Theatre South 1 Building 64 Monash Clayton Campus
In 2014, the university ranked number 1 in NHMRC Project Grants and Fellowships, and we wish to maintain this position into the future. The Faculties of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences and Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and the University also wish to improve on our success in attaining Australian Research Council support.

To improve the quality and competitiveness of Monash applications to be submitted in 2015, the Faculties and their Departments have established pre-submission review processes for applications to be submitted to the various schemes funded by the NHMRC and ARC. I encourage you to participate in and support the schemes offered within your department, school or institute.
To enhance our success in the ARC Discovery Projects, a Workshop will be conducted on Thursday 11 December 12:00-1:00pm, Lecture Theatre South 1 Building 64 Monash Clayton Campus. The panellists for this workshop will be: Professors Mark Sleeman (CoE) and James Whisstock (Assessor / Applicant), and Michelle Armstrong (MRO).
This workshop for DP16 intending applicants will address:
The scheme
  • Key timelines.
  • Resource availability.
  • Addressing Biomedical intent – examples of funded and ineligible applications.

Assessment Criteria
  • The use of FoR codes to assign your application and external assessors.
  • Scoring to the scheme
  • Appointment of external assessors and weightings of external assessors and College of Experts scores

How to sell your application
  • Selling of the application and alignment to “Fundamental outcomes” as opposed to “health and medical outcomes”. How does the ARC differ from the NHMRC and that applications need to be distinct
  • Significance and difference
  • Preliminary data requirements
  • Justification of duration and Budget

Time will be allocated for questions and answers.

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