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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Monash study finds that there is little knowledge about alcohol as a risk factor for cancer

Two researchers at the School of Rural Health were recently involved in a study for the Cancer Council NSW which revealed that just under half of the 2,482 respondents surveyed were unaware that consuming alcohol was a risk factor for cancer.

According to Dr Penny Buykx, the lead study author from Monash University said even though only 47 per cent of respondents knew that alcohol intake and cancer was a risk factor, further analysis revealed that there was support for alcohol policy interventions.

“The study showed that despite low awareness of alcohol as a cancer risk factor, people who were aware that drinking alcohol increased cancer risk were more supportive of a range of policy interventions to reduce alcohol consumption these included pricing, availability, marketing and labelling, while those who weren’t aware of the link were less supportive”, she said. 

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