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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Research Fellowship application submission in 2015

To improve the quality of Monash Fellowship applications (in particular ARC and NHMRC) to be submitted in 2015, the Faculty has established a pre-submission review process. This pre-submission process has been discussed with, and agreed by, the Monash Research Office (MRO) and the Faculty Research Office (FRO): the process has been informed by Fellowship submissions of 2014. It is designed to enhance the submission process and ensure that the applications provide the most competitive case for appointment.

The key issues of this process are:

· EoI notification

· Focused workshops on application preparation

· Applicants will have access to the Monash Incubator Program, but must remain engaged with the process to receive ongoing support

· Review of applications

· MRO have enhanced their compliance / competitiveness checklist

· Final application completion target is 31 December 2014
Expression of Interest (EoI)

Please advise the university of your intention to apply for Fellowship (NHMRC – ECF, TRIP, CDF, PF, RF; ARC – DECRA, FF) through submission of this on line form. This will enable the university to effectively manage the submission process, distinguish new applicants from renewals, and identify the funding scheme. All applicants who declare their intent to apply will be offered access to the Monash Incubator Program, review of their applications, and have targeted communications during application preparation.

Fellow Application Forum
14:00, Monday 15 September 2014 (G35 Building 77) Monash Campus
This is workshop for 2015 intending applicants (Fellows and new applicants) on “how to sell your fellowship”, and will be conducted by Professors Tony Tiganis, James Whisstock and Rob Widdop (Fellowship Review Panel Members 2014). The session will address the application vision, reporting output, and how to maximise the overall impact of the application. Time will be allocated for questions and answers.
Those applying through the expression of interest form will be automatically advised of updates to this meeting and subsequent meetings.
Matthew Gillespie - Associate Dean (Research Strategy).

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