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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

PhD opportunity in applied-clinical toxicology

A new PhD opportunity in applied-clinical toxicology is now available to interested students. 

Based in the Department of Pharmacology and in conjunction with the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences., Monash University, this project aims to assess, in an established animal model, the pharmacokinetic effects of timing of ILE administration on a range of lipophilic drugs commonly implicated in severe CVS poisoning in humans. The results will be translatable to the clinical setting and drive further clinical research in the use of ILE in the poisoning setting.

Intravenous lipid emulsion (ILE) is an increasingly recommended therapy for severe cardiovascular drug poisoning in the clinical setting. It is currently recommended as a part of the clinical treatment for accidental intravenous local anaesthetic toxicity and is also suggested as a potential treatment for severe poisoning from orally ingested CVS toxins unresponsive to standard therapies. Preliminary data suggest that timing of ILE administration after oral lipophilic drug exposure may affect intestinal drug absorption and result in adverse outcomes.

Project outline: Assessment of the disposition, bioavailability and toxicity of orally administered lipophilic drugs during intravenous lipid emulsion therapy.

Potential students will be APA-eligible and have been successful in obtaining an APA scholarship. The successful candidate will receive top-up funding ($7000 per year) to the scholarship and research funding support for the duration of the project.


Professor Andis Graudins.
Monash Emergency Medicine and Clinical Toxicology Research
Monash University and Monash Health.

Professor Carl Kirkpatrick
Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences., Monash University.

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